Water dispersion paints

Since 2015, dispersion paints have been added to the list of our products. Our water disperse paints are produced based on acrylic dispersion. We produce paints for internal as well as for external works.

On the market this type of product is presented under the trademark "Aquatone".

For detailed information concerning our paints, please do apply to the department “Products”.

Alcyd Enamel

The main product of Euromax is the alkyd enamel’s kind of paint, that is designated for the internal as well as external works, being absolutely relevant for any kind of surface, whether it’s wood, concrete or any other type of surface.

You may as well purchase enamel paints, being suitable for having the floor and roofs painted.

Other products

There are a number of lacquers , paints and other kinds of chemical products produced in our production facility . In case of an individual order, it may as well be possible to tailor the characteristics of the product to your personal needs.

The detailed information regarding the given product, its ordering and other conditions are available in the department “Products”.


  • For Exteriors
  • For Interiors
  • Based on acrylic dispersion

  • Premium Quality
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Super Durable

  • Individual Order
  • Unique Characteristics of the Product
  • Special Price