Euromax Colours

Our company is the oldest manufacturer of paint products in Georgia.

On the market we are presented with the high quality alkyd enamel and water-dispersion paints under the trademark of "Euromax Colours".

New trademark was established in 2012. Since that time, our company operates under the name of "Litoponi 2012" LTD.

Kutaisi Lithopone Plant

The history of our company begins in 1954, when the Kutaisi Lithopone Plant started production of paints.

The Kutaisi Lithopone Plant was mainly engaged in manufacturing of chemical products. It made lithopone, barite, copper sulfate and a range of paints and varnish products.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kutaisi Lithopone Plant was transformed into a joint stock company whose major shareholder was the state.

In 2012 "Litoponi 2012" LTD created a new brand - "Euromax Colours", which worthily continued the old traditions of manufacturing.